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“Palms On Purpose”… Your Ideal Lifestyle Awaits You… in the Palms of Your Hands!

Calling All: Restless, Ambitious,
Curious Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Mentors,
Writers, Healers, Artists,
Spiritual Teachers and Other Spiritual Seekers Who Want
To Come Out of the Metaphysical Closet, CLAIM
Their Gifts, and Live Their Ideal Life, On Their Terms!

“Would You Like To Try Our
#1 Program, ‘Palms On Purpose,’ FREE for

Are you READY to Discover and Unleash Your
Ideal Lifestyle in EVERY AREA of Your Life — For More
Wealth, Health and Love — all from the information
contained in the palms of your hands?

If you answered “yes,” I’m ready to share with you the insights, tips, strategies and tactics that will help you unleash the lifestyle you only used to dream about.

I’ve done it – and you can, too!

Every week, I receive emails from people like you asking me how to achieve greater prosperity, romance, spiritual connection and health. In other words, “Baeth, I want the freedom to live life on my own terms. How can I do that?”

The answers to these questions are instantly accessible to you in our monthly lifestyle-driven “Palms On Purpose” 90-minute webinar!

In this unique monthly webinar series, you will discover:

  • the #1 thing holding you back from achieving the lifestyle you desire
  • your specific path to YOUR ideal lifestyle (we examine this on every call!)
  • your unique lifestyle approach through the energies of peace, wisdom, love and service
  • Your authentic life purpose… examples include “healer in the spotlight,” “successful business innovator,” “spiritual teacher with heart,” “artist,” “mentor/coach,” and many more!
  • Your unique business niche (and why NOT knowing it is costing you thousands!)
  • Your ideal client (and why you must work ONLY with IDEAL clients!)
  • why your creativity is essential to your prosperity (and what can stop it dead in its tracks)
  • your unique emotional style
  • your romantic compatibility
  • how to have a more intimate romantic partnership
  • the necessity for a spiritual connection
  • how to create a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the Universe/Divine
  • the ‘secrets’ of lifestyle MASTERS!
  • your unique ‘energy management style’ and how this affects your health for better or worse…

… and much, much more!!!

Exclusive MEMBERSHIP in “Palms On Purpose” will add STYLE and LUXURY to your spiritually guided life, so that you can make clear, authentic choices for your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial well-being – easily and confidently – every time!

We Invite You to Claim
YOUR SPECIAL Membership In Our
“Palms On Purpose” Program!

You’ll Be Part of a Tribe of Leading-Edge and Enthusiastic
Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Mentors, Writers,
Artists, Healers, Spiritual Teachers and Spiritual Seekers Who Want To Manifest Business Success, Romantic Fulfillment and Physical Stamina While Still Being Deeply Connected to The Divine!

Dear Spiritual Seeker,

Have you ever wished there was a map to your life with specific instructions for your success? Well, there is, and it’s in YOUR HANDS – literally!

Maybe you’re wondering why we created the “Palms On Purpose” program:


Our clients tell us they have trouble finding quality information for how to create a Purpose-Driven life and a lifestyle rich with prosperity, romance and spiritual fulfillment.

As a result of this oft-heard feedback, we created this monthly, online webinar program for ongoing discovery and sharing. Combining the vital information in your hands with the group synergy allows you to experience mastery in every area of your life.


Helping you discover and unleash YOUR Purpose is our purpose and passion so it would be remiss of us NOT to share this transformational knowledge with you!


We wanted to create a fun, safe, loving, and informative community venue for answering your most sensitive questions, such as:

  • “What is MY Life Purpose?”
  • “How do I create an abundant LIFE STYLE that honors my spiritual and material goals?”
  • “How do I align my PURPOSE with my BUSINESS GOALS?”
  • “What is my biggest blind spot?”
  • “What is the specific NICHE for my Life Purpose – in other words, how can I make money doing work I love?”
  • “How can I attract MORE MONEY for what I do?”
  • “What do my hands say about my INTUITION?”
  • “What do my hands say about my HEALTH?”
  • “What do my hands say about my RELATIONSHIPS?”

Isn’t it time to know the answers to these questions?

Imagine the difference having the ANSWERS to these questions would make in your life!

Why are you REALLY here?

What if you are actually here on Earth to satisfy YOUR SOUL’S PURPOSE and live an authentic LifeStyle of luxury, pleasure, and fun, all guided by your divine inspirations?

For me, the ‘spiritual’ life means living life on my terms, according to my values and dreams… in other words, fulfilling my ideal lifestyle!

My IDEAL Lifestyle includes:

  • Time and energy to invest in myself through education, experiences and travel!
  • Time to reflect
  • Time to dream
  • Time to journal
  • Time to meditate and relax
  • Time to sleep deeply and as long as desired
  • Time to play, celebrate and have FUN!
  • Time to stretch and exercise my body
  • Time to eat delicious, healthy food
  • Time with my beloved
  • Time with my children
  • Time with my pets
  • Time with my friends
  • Time doing work I LOVE!
  • Abundant money to make every true desire EASY to fulfill!

Discovering and unleashing the information in my own palms sky rocketed me into this mind-blowing life where I’m living my soul’s passion every day!

Now, I want to show you how to create the life of your dreams—all from the information contained in YOUR PALMS!

With Me and Other Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Mentors, Writers,
Healers, Artists, Spiritual Teachers and

I thought so!

Now remember how I mentioned earlier in this letter that the SECRET to YOUR Purpose is in your palms???

Let me explain…

Your Purpose lies within you—and within your own hands.

The Universe literally printed the map to your success onto your palms!!!

Your specific fingerprints REVEAL Your specific Purpose and the markings in your palms reveal your emotional style, your thinking style, the way you manage your physical energy, your specific gift markings and so much more!

With our “Palms On Purpose” guidance and that of your fellow program members, you will quickly and easily discover your inner guidance and create the lifestyle you CRAVE.

What if you could gather MONTHLY, by WEBINAR, with other spiritual seekers for an information-packed session in order to discover the precious secrets to YOUR Purpose?

Imagine if the answer to finding your ideal career, mate, or living environment was only a webinar away…

Imagine if you could interact with your fellow program members to exchange information, resources and create new alliances based upon mutual success and enlightened consciousness…

Could this total access boost your business, relationships, finances and the overall quality of your life?

You know it!

I didn’t find this kind of support when I was first creating my IDEAL LIFESTYLE—and I don’t want ANYONE to go through what I went through—regardless of your goals.

You may be starting a business, expanding your business, deciding to start a family, about to retire or going on sabbatical.


All the answers, encouragement and expert assistance are available—right in YOUR own palms!

Could nature have made things ANY simpler???

Every month, on our LIVE “Palms On Purpose” webinars, I will guide you, step-by-step, through the secrets in YOUR PALMS, using the hand prints of you, our exclusive program members.

Please accept our invitation and CLAIM your space in this unique, one-of-a-kind membership program:

“Palms On Purpose”

As a member of this unique community, you will benefit in these ways:

  • Enter a Powerful Circle Of Influence (COI) with other spiritual seekers like yourself.
  • Gain access to our *private, members only* online membership area where you can instantly receive all the benefits of membership.
  • Receive Ongoing Support: the answer to your question is only a webinar away.
  • Enjoy the continuous discovery of NEW Life Style Tools — the MOST successful people continuously invest in their education. Are YOU a life-long learner?
  • Receive illuminating Biz Secrets you’ve likely never heard anywhere else!

    (Hint: I learned them from the palms.)

  • Discover what YOUR hands have to say about YOUR purpose!


Each 90-minute monthly webinar is divided into two portions:

  • FREE portion – Training: The first part of the webinar is our monthly TRAINING covering a certain aspect of the palms and is FREE to anyone who registers to be a member. (45 minutes)
  • PAID portion – Hot Seats: The second part of the call is for PAID MEMBERS who choose to be in the HOT SEAT and have their hand prints personally reviewed by Baeth or one of her co-mentors. (45 minutes)

Each month, on the first half of our webinar, we’ll look at various markers in your hands, tie these markers to your personal, business and spiritual goals and then we’ll explore with you and the group how to use this information to MOVE FORWARD FAST!

On the second part of the call, when you elect to be in the queue (you receive instructions on how to be in the queue when you become a PAID member), Baeth will personally review YOUR hand prints with you. Our members come back month after month for this mind-bending “Hot Seat” experience that is transformative and revelatory!

There’s nothing like surrounding yourself with YOUR TRIBE to move your life FORWARD.

This is a safe, sacred space to unleash your wildest lifestyle dreams and discover the magic that YOUR Hands hold in store for you!

Here Are the Benefits and Bonuses You’ll Receive When You Become A “Palms On Purpose” Member:

Benefits for ALL Members (FREE)

Benefit #1: Monthly, 45-minute LIVE TRAINING Webinar with Baeth exploring a certain aspect of the palms.

These TRAINING webinars are info-packed, covering the topics that you most want to know about, including (topics change from month to month):

  • What your palms reveal about your specific LIFE PURPOSE and business niche
  • What your palms reveal about your specific LIFE LESSON (your gremlin, shadow, life test, that “pattern” that won’t seem to go away and the #1 THING standing in the way of achieving YOUR Purpose!)
  • What your palms reveal about your finances
  • What your palms reveal about your unique relationship/romance style
  • Your current state of health and energy management
  • How to access your intuition, every day, every time
  • How to promote your spiritual, healing arts or coaching/consulting practice to professional men and women
  • How to find other healing resources—astrology, numerology, Reiki, shamanism, acupuncture, etc. and the people who have made these interests into successful businesses.
  • Where to find other spiritual adventurers who have done what you want to do—so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!
  • How to transition out of that job you don’t like into the “work you LOVE!”
  • How to absolutely believe in yourself and stay connected to your vision—even when you have doubts!
  • How to stay on course, think outside the box and LIVE YOUR IDEAL LIFESTYLE — going for the passion (and the profits) you previously thought impossible—while staying connected to your heart and soul!

Benefit #2:Training Webinar Recordings posted at the Membership Area (only 3 Webinars are posted at any one time as they later become products).

Benefit #3: First-to-know access to new programs and services.

With the introduction of each new product, service or live event, you’ll be the first to know and will have full access to the best discounts and special offers, which may include VIP seating and private networking functions.

Benefits for PAID Members ONLY

Free benefits listed above, plus:

pop-baeth-davisBenefit #4: Monthly, 45-minute LIVE HOT SEATS for members whose hand prints are in the queue.

When you become a paid member, you are granted access to our FAMED “HOT SEAT” experience where different members sit in the “hot seat” and receive live mentoring with Baeth on their hand prints.

Whether you’re IN the hot seat or just taking notes, clients report that this experience is worth the entire membership investment in terms of “AHAs,” insights, breakthroughs and behavior changes.

NOTE: When you become a paid member, we will send you a printing kit so we have your hand prints on file.

Benefit #5: Full Webinar Recordings and Written Transcripts Posted at the Membership Area

In the membership area, you’ll have exclusive access to the entire video recordings of each webinar, plust written transcripts of all webinars.

If you’re like me and you love to read, you can mark up these transcripts with your pen and high-lighter. You’ll enjoy having these program resources literally in the palms of your hands! Just print it out and begin reading.

You’ll also be able to refer to the information again and again – whether you’re on the webinar or not—building a library of unstoppable “YOUR Purpose” resources!

Paid Member BONUS #1:

Quarterly, 90-minute MENTORING HOT SEAT webinars with Baeth (announced quarterly).

Please come to the quarterly bonus webinar with a quick and specific question,and I’ll give you my quick, precise answer. This type of laser-mentoring is ideal when you want to keep moving forward fast with your goals.

I encourage you to take full advantage of this benefit of the program.

Many of my clients report that having these questions answered quickly keeps them on track with their Purpose lifestyle goals.

You’ll have 8 minutes, first-come, first-served.

Paid Member BONUS #2:

20% OFF a PRIVATE 8-Hour, In-Person VIP Day with Baeth

(normally $10,000… $8000 for members)!

When you become a “Palms On Purpose” member, you have the opportunity and are given priority to invest in an entire day of personal, one-on-one consultation with Baeth at her main office, and receive a $2,000 discount!

Others pay my full rate of $10,000.00 per day, but “Palms On Purpose” members only pay $8,000.00.

You’d be amazed at what we can uncover and accomplish during an entire day together. All members will be given information on how to apply for a one-on-one day upon registration.

BENEFIT #4 Members-ONLY Forum

For millennia, people have gathered together in forums to debate, share information, ask questions and solve problems. Today, we’re able to experience a ‘forum’ without even leaving our own homes thanks to the internet.

In your exclusive, Members-ONLY Online Forum, you can gain access to all call recordings, transcripts, Life Purpose Blueprint examples, exercises, and additional information supplied by Baeth for your learning and transformation.

Once you become a member, you’ll be given a user name and password. We invite you to come back again and again. In fact, you may want to leave your Forum “UP” so you don’t miss any of the action!

BENEFIT #5 Unlimited Access to My $$$$ Resource Rolodex

Whenever you have a need—

for a healing resource, CD duplication for an information product you’re creating or a bookkeeper to help you save time and money—rest assured I’ve got names and numbers of people whose work I trust and value.

You can access the PDF of the Resource Rolodex on the secure members-only forum.

BENEFIT #6 Life Purpose Blueprint Examples

This is probably one of the most exciting and entertaining benefits of your membership.

On every info-packed call, you will be able to view actual Life Purpose Blue-prints, a.k.a. hand prints, online and discover the science behind the magic of


‘Palms On Purpose’ Program?”

Many professional mastermind groups are quadruple this investment—some run into the hundreds per month or thousands per year! You will have access to me and all my resources for a fraction of that cost—and it’s me taking the risk to make it happen, so you get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

You have my 100% guarantee: If, for any reason, you want to cancel your membership, simply let us know at or phone us at (888) 518-4263 and we’ll close your membership and stop charging your credit card immediately— no questions asked, no hassles, no hard feelings.

You are welcome back any time if you decide to join again. (NOTE: The FREE MONTH is ONLY for first-time members.)

Your 100% satisfaction is our promise to you. If you’re not satisfied, we don’t want you to continue participating in the “Palms On Purpose” Program.

However, we know you’re going to LOVE this experience and be ASTOUNDED by the SPEED with which you UNLEASH Your Life Purpose and DISCOVER THE SECRETS IN YOUR Hands!


Palms And Move Seamlessly Into Your IDEAL LifeStyle?

Are You READY to Resolve Your Personal and Professional Confusion and Harness the Clarity, Confidence and Power That Lives – Literally-in the Palms of Your Hands???

Yes, Baeth, I WANT TO BE A “Palms On Purpose” MEMBER!!!

“I ACCEPT Your Invitation to be a “Palms On Purpose” MEMBER for ONE MONTH FREE and then just $37 per month thereafter and

I’ll Have Instant Access to the Program Resources and all the other benefits of the group!

I understand that my credit card will be automatically charged $37 a month AFTER the FREE Trial Month… unless I select

FREE membership only – at check out.

And as long as I remain a member in good standing, I’ll continue to have access to these fabulous membership benefits:

FREE Membership includes:

  • MONTHLY, LIVE TRAINING Webinar with Baeth, owner of
  • Access to 3 months of recorded training webinars
  • Special access and offers on products, services and events

Exclusive PAID Membership includes:

  • MONTHLY, LIVE HOT SEAT Webinar with Baeth
  • Access to full webinar recordings online at the Paid Members-ONLY area
  • Access to PDF transcripts of all webinar, online at the Paid Members-ONLY area
  • Quarterly Mentoring webinars as scheduled and announced
  • A complimentary subscription to Baeth’s ezine, “Your Purpose,” chock full of great tips, strategies and solutions for unleashing your Life Purpose in EVERY area of your life.

I understand that my joining Baeth’s “Palms On Purpose” is a NO-RISK opportunity because I can cancel my membership at any time. I also understand that if I choose to cancel my membership, I will lose access to these privileges at that time.

I’m assured this online transaction is 100% secure and after my information is received I will get an electronic receipt and instructions within a few minutes.

TO ENTER “Palms On Purpose”

“I’ve known Baeth for more than 12 years, harkening back to the days when we were both starving actresses in Los Angeles. We met through a “prosperity” group, both of us trying to find way to make a living doing what we love. Over the years, I’ve watched Baeth venture out on a path of self-discovery. She networked her way across the country, eventually landing her where she is now. I, myself, stayed on here in LA, ever-struggling to find my niche in the world.

It wasn’t until the day that Baeth’s e-mail arrived, entitled something to the effect of, “How I made $$$ six-figures $$$ this year,” that I realized that she has clearly figured out how to do this prosperity thing.

I thought, “Wait a second…this is Baeth… ‘Starving Artist’ Baeth… Baeth who struggled along with me…” Well, not any more.

I had been toying with an idea for a new online business, one that I was passionate about and felt that I could be successful doing:, a gardening resource for garden nerds.

I needed someone to kick me in the pants along the way, so that I wouldn’t lose interest or hope, or worse, get paralyzed in the minutia of details. Baeth has been exactly that person for me. Her knowledge and experience saw me through the development and formation of and now I have actual results as a foundation upon which to build my business.

Thanks, Baeth, for your Life Purpose support and intuitive, gentle guidance along the way.”

- Christy Wilhelmi,


The only danger in life is not taking the risk to know your core identity and purpose on this planet. For ONLY $37 a month, you can experience a depth of transformation unknown in common hours. Join us?

P.S. When our PAID MEMBERS group reaches max capacity, membership will be closed to allow time for all members to have their palm prints reviewed on the HOT SEAT webinars. Don’t miss “Palms On Purpose” and join us NOW! :)

To Join “Palms On Purpose”:
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